Tuesday 10h15

  1. Alan Anderson da Silva Pereira (UFAL), Marked random graphs with given degree sequence: large deviations on the local topology
  2. Alberto González Sanz (Columbia University), Weak limits for empirical entropic optimal transport
  3. Alexandre Batista de Souza (UNICAMP), Convergence problem with multiplicative noise
  4. Anatoli Iambartsev (IME-USP), Limits for Birth-and-Death Processes with Polynomial Rates
  5. Bastián Arturo Mora García (PUC-Chile), Towards a new proof of the Intermediate Disorder Regime for Directed Polymers
  6. Beatriz da Costa Salvador (IST-Lisboa), On correlations for partial exclusion, inclusion and independent particles
  7. Berend van Tol (TU Delft), Intertwining and propagation of stochastic mixture measures
  8. Carlos David Martinez Arevalo (IMCA), Discrete Poisson traps and the detection model
  9. Célio Augusto Terra de Souza (UFMG), On the slow phase for fixed energy ARW
  10. Chan Yoon Jun, (Universität Augsburg), Correlation decay for particle systems on the real line interacting via a Lennard-Jones type potential

Tuesday 16h

  1. Claudia Lorena Duarte Espitia (UNICAMP), Stochastic nonlinear partial differential equations in the space of almost periodic functions
  2. Daniel Miranda Machado (UFABC), Teoremas limites para a homologia persistente
  3. Daniel Ungaretti Borges (UFRJ), Oriented percolation with inhomogeneities and strict inequalities
  4. Davi Matheus Costa Barros (UFAL), Prevendo a trajetória de um processo aparentemente imprevisível
  5. Denis Araujo Luiz (UFABC), Non Markovian Rumor Models
  6. Diogo Carlos dos Santos (UFAL), On the number of infinite clusters in the constrained-degree percolation model
  7. Estêvão Ferraz Borel (UFMG), Anisotropic Ising model in d+s dimensions
  8. Fabio Prates Macahdo (IME-USP) Does genetic diversity help survival?
  9. Facundo Zanola (Leiden University), Voter model on sparse random digraphs
  10. Fernando Pigeard de Almeida Prado (DCM-USP), Interacting vertex reinforced random walks on complete sub-graphs

Wednesday 10h30

  1. Florencia Leonardi (IME-USP), Estimation of the number of communities in a Stochastic Block Model via the Bayesian Information Criterion
  2. Francisco Alan Lima da Silva (UFAL), Limiares para a existência de cliques e conexidade no grafo de Erdös-Rényi
  3. Gabriel dos Reis Trindade (IME-USP), Information geometry: when statistics meets geometry
  4. Gabriel Silva Nahum (Inria-Lyon), On the Construction of Gradient Models
  5. Gabriela Corrêa Gonçalves (UFJF), Estratégias de Otimização para Tratamento de Câncer com Células CAR-T: Uma Abordagem Matemática e Estatística
  6. Grégoire Véchambre (AMSS, Chinese Academy of Sciences), Spectral analysis of a class of Lévy-type processes and connection with some spin systems
  7. Gustavo Oshiro de Carvalho (IME-USP), The frog model with random survival parameter
  8. Hidde van Wiechen (Delft University of Technology), Large Deviations of the Multi-Species Symmetric Exclusion Process
  9. Jhon Kevin Astoquillca Aguilar (University of Groningen), The voter model on dynamic random environments
  10. João Luiz de Oliveira Madeira (University of Bath), Can deleterious mutations surf deterministic population waves? - Functional law of large numbers for a spatial model of Muller's ratchet

Thursday 10h15

  1. João Pedro Loewe Mangi (IMPA), Exclusion Processes with Non-Reversible Boundary: Hydrodynamics and Large Deviations
  2. João Vitor Teixeira Maia (Peking University), Phase Transitions in Multidimensional Long-Range Random Field Ising Models
  3. Joedson de Jesus Santana (UFBA), A strong large deviation principle for the empirical measure for random walks
  4. Jonathan Junne (TU Delft) Quantitative Concentration Inequalities for Empirical Measures and Graph Laplacians on Riemannian Manifolds: An Application to the Symmetric Exclusion Process
  5. Julian Alexandre de Amorim (IMPA) Quantitative Hydrodynamics For A Generalized Contact Model.
  6. Leonardo Andrés Videla Muñoz (Universidad de Santiago), Simplified Wright-Fisher processes and their non-linear extensions
  7. Lucas Affonso (IME-USP), Decay of correlations for the Long range Ising model
  8. Lucas Roberto de Lima (UFABC), Asymptotic Shape of Subadditive Processes on Groups with Polynomial Growth
  9. Lucas Sousa Santos (UNICAMP), A Brief Presentation for Quasi-Stationary Distributions
  10. Luciano Henrique Lacerda de Araújo (UFABC), Homologia de complexos simpliciais associados a grafos aleatórios

Thursday 16h

  1. Marcel Schrocke (Universität Augsburg), Compass Model
  2. Marco Antonio Ticse Aucahuasi (UFMG), A Review of Expectation: The Case of the Inverse of the Binomial Random Variable
  3. Mariana Pereira Lopes (UFMG), Point Processes
  4. Mariel Guadalupe Lovatto (Universidad Nacional del Litoral), Spatial prediction for multivariate random fields via semiparametric models
  5. Matheus Lopes Coelho (UFMG), Percolação na rede triangular: expoentes críticos para comprimentos característicos
  6. Nandan Malhotra (Leiden University), Limiting Spectra of inhomogeneous random graphs
  7. Pablo A. Gomes (IME-USP), Truncated long-range percolation of words
  8. Pablo Ignacio Araya Zambra (Universidad de Chile),Theory of Explorable Sets
  9. Paul Martinez Vilca (UnB), Construção Alternativa do Movimento Browniano
  10. Paul Nikolaev (Universität Mannheim), Relative entropy estimates for convolution interaction forces

Friday 10h15

  1. Rebeca Alves Dantas de Lima e Silva (UFMG), Simulação Exata de Equações Diferenciais Estocásticas
  2. Roger William Câmara Silva (UFMG), Constrained degree percolation in random environment
  3. Ruan dos Santos Vieira Miranda (IME-USP), The Role of Moderates in Consensus Formation in the Deffuant Model on the Square Lattice
  4. Sandro Gallo (UFSCar), Sub-Gaussian concentration inequalities for random fields
  5. Sebastian Angel Zaninovich (Universidad de Buenos Aires), Continuity of the time constant in Euclidean First-Passage Percolation and Fermat distances in the presence of Noise
  6. Seoyeon Yang (Princeton University), Cut-off and dynamical phase transition for the general multi-component Ising model
  7. Sérgio de Carvalho Bezerra (UFPB), Computation Results for a site percolation model in \(\mathbb{Z}^2\) with two fluids and local dependence
  8. Shangjie Yang (IME-USP), Mixing time for the asymmetric simple exclusion process in a random environment
  9. Stefan Nicolae Paicu (TU Delft), Large deviations: from the discrete case to stochastic differential equations with small noise diffusions
  10. Vicente Lenz (TU Delft), Metastability for the dilute Curie-Weiss Potts model

Friday 16h

  1. Vicenzo Bonasorte Reis Pereira (UFSCar), Rumor Spreading in Dynamic Random Graphs
  2. Yanyan Hu (TU Delft), Large deviations for Cox-Ingersoll-Ross processes with state-dependent fast switching
  3. Zoraida Rico (Columbia University), Fine bounds on statistical estimation