Updated October 13th 2023

From the airport to the hotel.

A taxi costs around 90-130 reais, an Uber costs around 40-60 reais.

The hotel.

There are options to stay in Salvador. We recommend the Portobello Ondina Praia Hotel, at Avenida Oceânica, 2275, Ondina, Salvador, BR 40170-010. The webpage of the hotel is

From the hotel to the university. The walk from the hotel to the conference venue takes around 20 minutes (1,5 km). A taxi costs around 10-20 reais. An Uber costs around 8-12 reais. The event will take place at in the auditorium (first floor) of the Instituto de Matemática e Estatística (IME-UFBA), which is located right in the entrance of the institute.


If you need some help, do not hesitate to contact us:

The hotel.

The hotel prices for participants of the event, for the period August 5th to 9th 2024, are the following:
  • Acommodation: Standard SGL
    Per day: R$ 232,00 + 5% ISS
  • Acommodation: Standard DBL
    Per day: R$ 255,40 + 5% ISS
Breakfest and wi-fi included in both cases above. If you are share a room with a colleague, the price will be half of that per day.

The conference dinner.

Probably in Ki-Mukeka, Wednesday evening. More informations later. The local gastronomy is based in fish, shrimp, etc.

Safety advises

The university is a safe place, but also an open place, so please pay attention at your belongings.


The event has an strong importance to our graduate students (master and PhD). We kindly ask you to spend some time of your talk giving basic ideas, and also to interact with our students. We hope you also profit the time here to think about Math in a pleasant way and have fruitfull conference.